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Lesson 2

\Lesson-1/ \Lesson2-/ \Lesson-3/

I will give you only the common tags.

  <UL><LI></UL>...unordered list(<LI> before all list elements).Example:
  • list element1
  • list element 2
<OL><LI></OL>...ordered list(<LI> before all list elements).Example:
  1. tidy your room
  2. study your lessons
  3. feed the cat:)
<dl><dt>anything <dd>anything </dd></dl>...defined list.Example:
I am clever
I will be the president
I am honest
I will not be able to be a politician
<UL TYPE="DISC">...draws a disc before all the list elements.Example:
  • disc
<UL TYPE="CIRCLE">.draws a circle before all the list elements.Example:
  • circle
<UL TYPE="SQUARE">.draws a square before all the list elements.Example:
7.TABLES <table></table>........defines a table <tr></tr>..............defines a table row <td></td>..............defines a table cell <th></th>..............defines the table heading(bold) <table border="1,2..">.the border of the table. <table width="pixel">..the width of the table(pixel) <table width="xx%">....the width of the table(percentage of the page) <table cellspacing="">.the spacing between the cells. <table cellpadding="">.the spacing between the cell and elements. <tr align="left">......aligns the row:"right,center middle,bottom". <td align="left">......aligns the cell:"right,center,middle,bottom". <th align"left">.......aligns the heading:"right,center middle,bottom". <td nowrap>............no paragraph indentation
    • <td width="pixel">.....the width of the cell.(pixel) <td width="xx%">.......the width of the cell.(percentage of the table) <td bgcolor="#xxxxxx">.the background color of the cell. <th width="pixel">.....the width of the table heading.(pixel) <th width="xx%">.......the width of the table heading.(percentage) <th nowrap>............no paragraph indentation. <caption></caption>....table caption <caption align="top,bottom">.....aligns the caption. "table is every thing" So I will give some examples about it.You must learn creating tables the best,because table is the most useful tag.
      IBM computer Compaq computer HP computer
      I write this with these html codes <TABLE BORDER="1" BORDERCOLOR="#1246C0" BGCOLOR="#5ea6fd"> <tr><TH COLSPAN="3">computers</th> </tr><tr><th>Ibm computer</th> <th>compaq computer</th> <th>hp computer</th> </tr><tr><td>a</td><td>b</td><td>c</td> </tr> </table>
      computers IBM computerA
      Compaq computerB
      HP computerC
      <TABLE BORDER="1" bordercolor="#1246C0" bgcolor="#5ea6fd"> <tr><th rowspan=3>computers</th> <th>IBM computer</th><td>a</td></tr> <tr><th>compaq computer</th><td>a</td></tr> <tr><th>Hp computer</th><td>a</td></tr> </table>
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