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Web Design

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1.what is html?
html(hypertext markup language) is a programming language which is used 
for preparinghypertext documents.The most of the web pages are done with 
html.And it is easy to learn.But there are alternate programming languages
 for we pages. For example VRML, SGML, ASP
2.how can I prepare a web page
there are two ways to prepare a web page.The first one is for lazy people.
If you do notwant to waste time for learning html you can use html editors.
But if you have a problem on your page ,you can not solve it without 
knowing any html.The second way to make a webpage is learning html.This 
is the best way.:)I will try to teach you html and you will begin preparing
html pages in only one week.but do not forget this
"good surfer is equal to good webmaster"

3.what do I need to prepare a website?
You need 
1.Web Space:You can get some web space for free.(you can get from freeservers)
2.Note pad or more functional text editor like homesite(you can get homesite 
from programs/webmaster tools/html editors)
3.Topic:your site must have a interesting theme and people must enjoy 
surfing your site

4.which graphic formats can I use?
you can use only jpg,gif and png.Png is not used very much.Jpg and gif 
are more useful.you should optimize your graphics by using a program 
like smart saver pro.Optimizing is very important for loading time
 of your site.

4.what should my website be about?
your site can be about every thing.For example your favourite singer,
actor,science,or something that you have information about.

The Sum Of The Introduction
1.you should decide a theme and find some sites about it on the net.
2.Surf a lot !!surfing is everything              
3.html editors are for lazy people                      
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