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here are the sections and their content:


Webmaster Tools Section
to get the best html editors , graphic programs ,.......


Banner Design Section  to have your banner designed professionally and just for 15$

sphereWeb Design section is my web design service.I design professional and low cost web sites for your company.Also I design homepages.

sphereYou can find what program you want from catagorized Programs Section

spherelinks section contains links and webmaster resources.If you want to get listed put my small banner to your site and send e-mail

sphereA must visit part of my site is photoshop tutorials section.This section uptades every week.(now under construction)

sphereHtml Tutorials Section is the place you go through the steps and code a basic page.And Html Lessons Section is a course for you to learn the basics of html.

sphereAnd if you want to learn about me click the About Me link





Here you can find what you need for designing your pages.Including webmaster tools , html editors , java animations , buttons tools.


macromedia dreamweaver 3

What a great editor!! dreamweaver 3 helps you to create your own web page

macromedia flash 4

You can make flash animations with macromedia flash.Its easy to learn.( not for beginners )

adobe pagemill

This html editor is great too. but not functional

xmetal 1.2

I have not tested it yet butit is said to be useful for beginners

hotmetal 6

hotmetal is a product of softquad like xmetal.I began designing web pages with hotmetal.Beginners download this!

Claris Homepage

I have not tested it yet. if you tried claris homepage please send e mail!!!!

NetObjects Fusion

NetObjects Fusion is not for advanced web designers .only for beginners


homesite is best for proffesionals.(you can use it instead of notepad for designing).My pick

hotdog professional

hot dog includes lots of wizards.and everyone can design pages without knowing any html with hotdog


cute html


not good.very simple html editor


I have not look at it yet


coffee cup html


A very good editor from coffee cup software. One of the bests




I have not tested it yet. if you tried Arachnophilia please send e mail!!!!


Dutch's HTML Editor Pro


I have not tested it yet. if you tried Dutch's HTML Editor homepage please send e mail!!!!




one of the worsts


NoteTab Pro


I have not tested it yet. if you tried NoteTab homepage please send e mail!!!!


Under Construction


one of the worsts



Ulead Webrazor Pro 2.0

everything you need for web graphics

Fx Razor

- A suite of 5 special effect plug-ins .

Ulead Cool 360

Transform your photos into 360-degree panoramas.

Ulead Cool 3D 2.5

Instant 3D titles and awesome special effects.

Ulead Gif-X.Plugin 2.0

Take still images and make an instant GIF animations

Ulead GIF Animator 4.0

The industry standard for creating GIF animation.

Intergraph ViZfx Web Pro 1.0

62 customizable animation effects.

macromedia freehand 8.0

Design layouts, brochures, logos, and illustrations.

tutorial for freehand

fireworks 3

Design and optimize Web graphics for easy integration into your HTML pages.

Xara WebStyle

Xara WebStyle is a template-based web graphics package that makes creating professional web sites as easy as point-and-click.

Xara3D 3

Xara3D can create stunning 3D headings and logos in seconds, both still and animated.

Xara Webster

Xara Webster - the essential tool for all web designers, which creates smooth, optimized web graphics with minimum fuss.

paint shop pro

Create Web graphics and enhance digital photos Note: Includes Animation Shop 2.01 for free

Ray Dream Studio

I have not tried it if you tried e mail me

Bryce 4 Demo

a good 3d image creator

Authorware 5 Attain

Produce rich-media training and learning applications.


Ulead FantasyWarp. Plug-in 1.0

Create kaleidoscope-style images

Ulead SmartSaver Pro 2.0

Make your Web site download fast.

Ulead Gif-X. Plug-ins 2.0

Take still images and make an instant GIF animations.

Ulead Type. Plug-ins 1.0

Add ice, neon, emboss effects, and more

FX Razor

A suite of 5 special effect plug-ins.

Ulead Particle.Plugin 1.0

Add rain, fireballs, clouds, stars, smoke, and more.


Ulead JavaRazor 1.0

Create Java buttons and animations without coding

Ulead Animation.Applet 1.0

Create instant Java animations

Ulead Button . Applet 1.0

Create instant Java buttons.


submit wolf 3.06

submit wolf 3.06 ads your web site to search engines

Inforian Quest 99

Access hundreds of search engines in seconds.

Make your own free website on Tripod.com