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Lesson 1

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  A html document must contain some tags
  <head> <title> </title> </head>

  a) <html> tag shows that the document type is html.        
  b)<head> </head> tag is the invisible part of the document.
  c)you must write your pages title into the <title> </title>tag. 
  d)<body> </body> tag is the part that every visible things are in.

  And all tags open with < > and close with </ > all opened tags must be 
  closed(some are not)We can use some elements with<body>tag.Here they are:
  <BODY BACKGROUND="URL">...inserts an image as background.
  <BODY BGCOLOR="#xxxxxx">..shows the backgroundcolor.
  <BODY LINK="#xxxxxx">.....shows the links color.
  <BODY VLINK="#xxxxxx">....visited links color.
  <BODY ALINK="#xxxxxx">....active links color.


  To write something to your page you have to use <font> </font> tag.
  font tag has some functions here they are:
  <font size=" ">....shows the size of the text.You can write 1,2,...7
  <font color=" ">...shows the color of the text.for ex. black,white 
  <font face=" ">....shows the font.for ex. arial,helvetica etc.     
  there are more tags to change fonts format.But they are not written 
  with <font> tag.For example:                                       
  <b>.......makes the text bold.Example bold      
  <I>.......makes the text italic.Example ITALIC  
  <strong>..makes bold too.Example stron          
  <big>.....makes font larger.                    
  <u>.......underlines the text.Example underline 
  <strike>..draws a line.Example strike           
  <blink>...Example blink                            
  <spacer type="horizontal","vertical","block">.....ads space         


  <a href="http://url">....links to a page or http file
  <a href="mailto:e mail">.link to mail.Example mail
  <a href="url #word">.....link to a target.Example font
  <a href="url" target="frame name">.......url opens in the frame you select.
  <a href="url"><img src="image name"></a>.links with an image

  <img src="url">..adds an image
  <img src="url" ALIGN="TOP">..shows image on the top of the page 
  <img src="url" ALIGN="bottom">....shows image on the bottom of the page         
  <img src="url" ALIGN="middle">....shows image on the middle of the page
  <img src="url" ALIGN="left">......shows image on the left of the page
  <img src="url" ALIGN="right">.....shows image on the right of the page
  <img src="url" ALIGN="texttop">...shows the image top of the text
  <img src="url" alt="image info.">.the text that will be shown while
 image is loading
  <img src="url" width="pixel" height="pixel">.shows the size of the image
  <img src="url" border="pixel">....borders the image


  <p></p>..makes a pragraph
  <p ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT></p>..makes the text align left,right etc.
  <br>.....paragraph indentation
  <hr>.....draws a horizontal line
  <hr align="LEFT,RIGHT,CENTER">...makes the line align left,right etc.
  <hr size="pixel">................shows the size of the line(as pixel)
  <hr width="pixel>................shows the width of the line(as pixel)
  <hr noshade>.....................shows that the lines inside is filled
  <wbr>............................divides the word

  5.The Sum Of The Lesson 1

  1.the tags that you use to insert an image or write a simple text had learned
  2.make a simle page using the tags you learned.


this is an example.

  I used these tags to write that text.you can use other tags to make that 
  text rich.But a simple text is better than a rich text.

  <u><b><font color="#86C2DF" size="3">this is an example</font></b></u>

  I insert this image with these html codes

  <center><A HREF="example.jpg"><IMG SRC="example.jpg" BORDER="2" WIDTH="100"
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