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Lesson 3

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Frames are generally used for creating left-side menus.And frames make 
navigation easier.But frames are a bit different from the other tags.
So I will explain with some examples.Here are tags and their explanations:

<frameset></frameset>.shows that the page is a frame page.
(takes <body> tags place.)

<head><title>my first page</title></head>

<frameset rows="30%,70%">....divides page into two rows.first frame is %30
of the page and second is %70 of the page.Example:

<head><title>my first page</title></head>
<frameset rows="40%,60%">

<frameset rows="50,*">..........divides page into two rows.first frame
is 50 pixel and the second is changeable.

<frameset cols="35%,65%">.......divides page into two columns.
(same as theusage of rows)

<frameset cols="70,*">..........divides page into two columns.first frame
is 70 pixel and the second is changeable.

<frameset frameborder="yes">....defines if there is border between two 
frames(yes or no)
<frameset border="1,2,...">.....shows the borders width.
<frameset bordercolor="xxxxxx">.defines the color of the border.

<frame></frame>.................defines a frame.

<frame name="xxx">..............gives name to the frame
<frame src="url">...............defines the frames source.
<frame noresize>................disables the resizing.
<frame marginheight="pixel">....the margins height.
<frame marginwidth="pixel">.....the width of the left and right margin.
<frame bordercolor="xxxxxx">....the bordercolor of the frame.
<noframes></noframes>...........alternate for non-frame browsers.

<frame scrolling="yes">.........defines that if there is a scrolling bar.If
 "yes" browsershows a scrolling bar.If "no" browser doesn't show a scrolling 
 bar.If "auto" browser shows a scrolling bar when needed.


let's make a frames page with two frames and with these options:
noscrolling,two columns,"26%,74%" are the sizes of the columns.
The first column will be a navigation frame.The second will be the index page.
first prepare a only menu page.this will include all the parts of your web page
I only use text link you can use graphics(optimized) to make it rich.save it as 
Here is the code for navigation menu.(you can use your own codes)

<body bgcolor="black">
<font color="#5ea6fd" size="6">
<p><a href="programlar.htm">programlar</a></p>
<p><a href="links.htm">links</a></p>

2.now prepare an index page.
Here is the code for a simple index page.(you can use your own codes)
then save it frame2.html

<body bgcolor="black">
<font color="#5ea6fd" size="4">
<p>this is my first frame page</p>
<p>(instructions about your web page)</p>

3.Now the index and menu pages are ok.Let's make a frame page.

<head><title>frame page</title></head>
<frameset cols="22%,78%" bordercolor="#5ea6fd">
<frame src="frame1.html" name="menu" scrolling="auto" noresize>
<frame src="frame2.html" name="index" scrolling="auto" noresize>

download this tutorial in a zip file!*!*!*!click!*!*!*!
(frame1.html, frame2.html, frametutorial.html and instructions.html are included)
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