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Here are the sections and their content :


Webmaster Tools Section
to get the best html editors , graphic programs ,.......


Banner Design Section  is our professional banner creation service. My low cost banner design service is just for 15$

sphereWeb Design section is my web design service.I design professional and low cost web sites for your company.Also I design homepages.

sphereYou can find what program you want from categorized Programs Section

spherelinks section contains links and free web resources.If you want to get listed put my small banner to your site and send e-mail

sphereA must visit part of my site is photoshop tutorials section.This section updates every week.(now under construction)

sphereHtml Tutorials Section is the place for beginners of html. You go through the steps and code a basic page.And Html Lessons Section is a course for you to learn the html basics.

sphereAnd if you want to learn about me click the About Me link



Web Design

From now on you are the right place to promote your business.

Sit back and let your business grow.This is so easy! We will do all the job for you for the lowest prizes on the net and your company will win the race beetwen you and your rivals. But be hurry! Promote your business on the web before your rivals.Here are the advantages of promoting your business on the net.
  • drive your business forward
  • forget about other ways af advertising
  • forget about brochures , catalogs...
  • contact your customers with the most effective way

    We create low cost web sites with the most suitable design for your company with professional and fast loading graphics.

Graphic And GUI Design

      Now graphics take an important place on web pages.They Must be effective , fast loading and suitable.I create custom 2-d images and animated gifs for web pages or for another use.

      GUI ( graphical user interface ) are very popular too.They make navigation easier and comfortable.But They must be suitable for the content and fast loading too.GUI takes a long time to create.Because they are not only a graphic they are projects.Its prize changes from 8$ to 80$ according to the detail and size.GUI is done with photoshop and its format is psd. Psd contains layers so you can change the text on the interface when you want.

Banner Design

      Banners are one of the most effective ways to promote your web site and banner ads creation is my work. You can get 10.000s of clicks if you advertise your banner on the right web site with the right banner. And your banner must have high click-through rate.The recommended rate is 8% but if your sites content is interesting and you give something free this rate increases to 24%. I create high click-through banners and my banners are good for link exchanges , they are under 12k.

      It takes too long to create professinal banners.Fist I decide the theme of the banner (if contains keywords or not ,..etc).Then I decide the age period of the surfers. (a banner with some toys or teddy bears is interesting for 7-11 aged childs). Banners prizes changes from 8$ to 60$.There are two banner types that I create. Static and animated banners.

Free Services

      Yes! here are the sections that are all free you can learn the basics of the photoshop and code your own personal page just for reading the lessons and following tutorials.

Photoshop tutorials and tips

Photoshop tutorials section divided into four parts. They are web graphics , buttons , basics and text effects.But now this section is under construction.Please come weekly because I will update this section every week.

Beginners Guide To Html ( Html Lessons , html tutorials , Html Tips )

In these sections You will learn Html and begin coding your first web page in two days time.You must begin learning Html Here. I prepared the whole set of beginners guide to Html. You will find What you need to create a web page.Now stop surfing and begin learning Html.