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to get the best html editors , graphic programs ,.......


Banner Design Section  to have your banner designed professionally and just for 15$

sphereWeb Design section is my web design service.I design professional and low cost web sites for your company.Also I design homepages.

sphereYou can find what program you want from catagorized Programs Section

spherelinks section contains links and webmaster resources.If you want to get listed put my small banner to your site and send e-mail

sphereA must visit part of my site is photoshop tutorials section.This section uptades every week.(now under construction)

sphereHtml Tutorials Section is the place you go through the steps and code a basic page.And Html Lessons Section is a course for you to learn the basics of html.

sphereAnd if you want to learn about me click the About Me link



Promotion Tutorial

Promoting is very important and If you can not promote your site people can not see your site although you prepared an excellent one.

This page is not a tutorial but you will find everything to promte your site.There are three ways for getttin more hits.Here are the list and information about them.(listed according to their importance)

1.Search engines and directories
2.Link exchange programs
3.Cross linking
   1.Search Engines and Directories

Search engines are the most effective way for getting hits.Statics shows that %85 of the visitors come from search engines to the websites.There are over 1500+ search engines.You needn`t submit your site to all of them But there are some must-submit search engines like altavista,yahoo,exite,hotbot,goto,msn.Each search engine has a different ranking system.Some of them ranks higher the sites that have totally 400-500 words and some ranks the pages higher if it has totally word count of 250-300.

I want to tell you about How the search engines work.Search engines has a system called "spider" .Spiders go to the submited sites and check.They reads the document and ranks the site according to its weight,keywords,pages title,images(alt tags) word count for the title,body,meta tags.Preparing an excellent page does not mean getting 1000s of visitor. so you must decide the keywords,title and the main text carefully.

Now I will teach you how to decide the elements that effects your position on the search engines, for the best ranking.

1.creating meta tags

Here is a basic meta tag <meta>.You need to use two meta tags on your page.One of them is for the keywords and the other is for the description of your site.Here they are:

<meta name="keywords" content="write the keywords and phrases here">

<meta name="description" content="write your pages description here">

As keywords you should use phrases more than the words.While writing the keywords think as a surfer and ask yourself "what words or phrases would I use to find my site" and add the most popular words(for example photoshop,free) If you want a list of most searched words send an e mail to me.I will give them to you

2.title tag

the text that is written between title tag will shown as the title on the search listing.So it must be attractive the frequency is important too.And it will be better for you to write one of the keywords as the title.Title tag should be 12 - 24 characters long.

 3.Main Text

You should repeat the most important keywords a lot and you should repeat them at the top of your page. Repeating the keywords at the top of the page will higher your ranking.Your text on the page should be 400 - 500 characters long


You should use alt="" with image tag.Images alt="" must be one the keywords.


Here is some useful instructions for links to rank better

  1. name the subpages as one of the keyword when linking
  2. link text should be one of your keyword
  3. place the links at the top of the page

And finally own a domain that can be the title of your page.For example if your site is about mp3 try to own a domain like: johnsmp3.com ,metalmp3.net...This will effect your ranking too... And now This is the time for submitting your site.

   2.link exchanges

Link exchances helps you to get more hits but it annoys me because it effects the loading of the page nagatively I do not reccommend link exchanges.

   2.Cross Linking

If you finished your site ,find some sites that has the same contentas you and contact the webmaster. And you can try the toplists.I recommend you to add your site to the toplists that gives permission to link text.

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