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here are the sections and their content:


Webmaster Tools Section
to get the best html editors , graphic programs ,.......


Banner Design Section  to have your banner designed professionally and just for 15$

sphereWeb Design section is my web design service.I design professional and low cost web sites for your company.Also I design homepages.

sphereYou can find what program you want from catagorized Programs Section

spherelinks section contains links and webmaster resources.If you want to get listed put my small banner to your site and send e-mail

sphereA must visit part of my site is photoshop tutorials section.This section uptades every week.(now under construction)

sphereHtml Tutorials Section is the place you go through the steps and code a basic page.And Html Lessons Section is a course for you to learn the basics of html.

sphereAnd if you want to learn about me click the About Me link



Plug Ins

* PSPro Andrews Filters-1

* PSPro Andrews Filters-2

* PSPro Andrews Filters-3

* PSPro Andrews Filters-4

* PSPro Andrews Filters-5

* PSPro DC special Filters

* PSP Greg's fact Filters I

* PSP Greg's fact Filters II

* Adobe Photoshop Filters

* Adobe Photoshop Plug in-Alfs Fltrs

* Adobe Photoshop Plug in-Button

* Adobe Photoshop Plug in-gregs fltr1

* Adobe Photoshop Plug in-gregs fltr2

* Adobe Plug Mngr 2.0

* AlienSkin adobe plug in

* RealPlayer Plus G2

* Ulead FantasyWarp.Plugin 1.0

* Ulead SmartSaver Pro 2.0

* Ulead Gif-X.Plug in 2.0

* Ulead Type.Plug in 1.0

* FX Razor

* Ulead Particle.Plug in 1.0

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